How to avoid being ‘caught short’ when deer stalking

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I’ve been wanting to write this article for many years now. It’s about a subject many people just don’t think about and there’s no easy or sensitive way to approach it. it’s never been written about before to my knowledge, probably for good reason.. In the countryside there are no [...]

The Muntjac Diaries | Meat eating Muntjac?

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Deer are herbivores correct? Well, yes this is absolutely correct, however there are increasing reports of deer being seen eating meat as part of their diet. Now, I cannot see Muntjac becoming deadly predators prowling around our woodlands, but they have been allegedly seen eating carrion such a dead chicks [...]

Effective deer management for landowners

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Wild deer are a highly valued part of our natural heritage and are increasing in number and geographic range in the UK. Deer are a natural asset and integral to our countryside. At the same time these positive values need to be balanced against the considerable negative impacts deer often [...]