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The Deer HUB

The Deer HUB offers a range of unique opportunities for those with an active interest in the art of deer stalking. We welcome experienced deer stalkers, complete novices and everyone in between.

Learning fieldcraft, deer behaviour and identification, carcass inspection and gralloching through to carcass preparation and putting venison on the table for you and your family is an exciting journey and experience if you want it to be.

Man has been hunting since the dawn of time. It connects us to our base instincts and our ancient ancestors. Learning to be in tune with yourself, the natural world and a worthy quarry most certainly requires skill, patience, exploration, resolve and help along the way. It’s a most honourable pursuit that’s inherently built within us.  This is what being part of the Deer HUB is all about; connecting with our origins, developing skills and sharing our passion with others that understand the desire to hunt, gather, eat, drink and socialise – it’s part of what it fundamentally means to be human.

Whatever stage people are at, the Deer HUB’s wide range of opportunities enables deer stalkers, at their own pace, to develop their skills and access the knowledge required to become a deer stalker that’s confident, knowledgeable and skilful.

The Deer HUB facilitates industry qualifications which run alongside our own highly developed and accessible training lead by our friendly team of experienced professional deerstalkers.

So why not meet other like-minded people; gain experience at one of our events; share on our online Forum; join the team on one of the HUB’s Group Stalk Days or develop your skills over time in the field alongside our professional stalkers.

It’s a sad fact that most people coming into the world of deer stalking do so by finding a stalk guide, who they then walk behind until a suitable deer is put in front of them to despatch. And that’s all it ever is – guided deer stalking. But there’s so much more to it than that.

We welcome you to join us on the journey.



Deer Stalking

Deerstalking in southern England over 9 counties and over 25,000 acres of forest, woodland and arable farmland. Stalking is for all six species of UK deer plus wild boar.


Deer HUB Syndicates

We offer recreational stalkers the opportunity to get actively involved in effective deer management through our ever growing network of 20 syndicates operating across the UK.



We run an extensive calendar of events throughout the year which includes our popular training courses, organised deer management days and hunting trips all over the UK and overseas.


FAC Assistance

Expert Firearms licensing advise, whether it’s a first application, variation or renewal. Members are given references and land approval to support all applications.



We offer great advice and supply stalking equipment and clothing at discounted prices from a number of shop partners and our own supplier accounts saving you time and money.

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HUB Syndicates

We offer recreational stalkers the opportunity to get actively involved in effective deer management through our ever-growing network of syndicates.