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Firearms licensing is often seen to be complex and confusing. We are here to help.

The process for applying for a Shotgun or Firearms Licence is largely the same and if granted, each is valid for a 5-year period. However, there are a few differences, and to be granted a Firearms license, there are some addition hoops to jump through.

Fundamentality, to obtain a Firearms license you will need to prove you have a good reason to own one. It will need to be proven that you need your rifle on a regular basis for the purposes of work, sports or leisure. With shotguns, the police must prove there is a reason for you not to have one.

In addition to filling out the Firearms application form*, in our experience there are 4 main criteria that most police firearms licencing units will want conformation of before they will process an application. These matters are usually discussed with your Firearms Enquiry Officer (FEO) during a home visit.

  1. Gun Security | That you have installed an ‘approved safe/cabinet’ or have a strong room suitable to store the number of guns you are applying for. You will also need a separate safe/cabinet solely for storage of the guns bolt and ammunition. Cabinets need to be securely attached to the wall/floor and preferably hidden from sight. The Deer HUB can advise on and supply suitable approved safe’s on request.
  2. Training | That you have completed some kind of ‘deer related’ training course to prove you have a basic understanding of deer stalking, firearm ownership, use, safety and legislation. To satisfy these criteria, the Deer HUB offers a certificated intensive Foundation Skills Course
  3. Experience | Prove you have practical experience of deer stalking. This usually means having been several deer stalking sessions over a period of time and despatched a number of deer. If you have stalked with the Deer HUB and meet the above criteria, we will write applicants a reference letter to accompany their application.
  4. Approved Land | Have written permission from the landowner and access to police approved stalking land, suitable for the calibre of rifle you wish to stalk with. All firearms applications, variations and renewals made by Members of the Deer HUB are supported with land approved up to .30 calibre.

*For applicants new to the Firearms application process, we have an extensive step by step guide to filling out a Firearms application form – please call for office for details. You can download the firearms certificate application form from your local police force here.

We can also help with;

  • What rifle calibres to apply for and how many
  • What constitutes ‘good reason’ for owning a firearm?
  • How much ammunition you should apply for?
  • Firearms storage at your home
  • What to expect at your interview?
  • Getting land approved for deer stalking activities
  • And anything else you can think of..

For FAC assistance email us or call 0203 995 5881

Call: 0203 995 5881

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