Gift vouchers are synonymous with the age-old dilemma of what to buy someone who has everything, or simply doesn’t communicate what they want, making it difficult for the giver of the gift voucher. Most people love giving gifts, but choosing the right present can be an overwhelming task at the best of times. Why not ease the pressure by showering your loved ones with the ultimate experience gift voucher of choice?

Yes, you guessed it – a Deer HUB gift voucher!

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Standard Gift Vouchers 

These gift vouchers can be used against any Deer HUB activity.

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Activity Gift Vouchers 

Choose from the following list of our most popular Deer Stalking HUB activities.

Attend our one day training, specifically designed for beginners and those new to deer stalking. This course teaches rifle safety, marksmanship, shooting positions, stalking techniques, deer identification, deer shooting seasons, stalking equipment and clothing, firearms licensing and the law pertaining to deer and firearms ownership. The first part of the day is spent in the field concentrating on finding your way around a rifle and scope and learning marksmanship techniques for dead accurate shooting. This is followed by a live fire session shooting from stalkers sticks, bench and high seat. We then retire to a local pub for lunch. We stay in the pub for the afternoon, where we go through our extensive manual and take a short test at the end of the day. Course includes refreshments throughout the day, lunch and our Level 1 manual and certificate. Purchase Now

Competent Deer Stalker Award/Level 1/Foundation Skills + 2 Stalks – PACKAGE PRICE £1045.00 (SAVING £40 on standard costs). This package combines our highly popular Foundation Skills course with live deer stalking over two days. Day One is conducted in the afternoon/evening completing half of the course followed by a live stalking session until last light. Day Two (preferably the following day or another chosen date) starts with a live stalking session at first light, followed by breakfast and part two of the course.  Purchase Now

The Deer HUB’s popular ‘Competent Deer Stalker Awards’ offer the opportunity for people to progress their skills and knowledge, at their own pace, with a combination of development courses and practical structured training in the field and larder.  Purchase Now

The Deer HUB’s popular ‘Competent Deer Stalker Awards’ offer the opportunity for people to progress their skills and knowledge, at their own pace, with a combination of development courses and practical structured training in the field and larder.  Purchase Now

Hone your field-craft skills, follow up on shot deer, aging deer, checking condition, identifying disease (or not), gralloching and carcass extraction. All stalk sessions with the Deer HUB are 3 hours+ and include structured training throughout. Following each session you will be emailed a ‘Stalk Appraisal’ sheet as a record of the stalk. Costs are £295 which includes any management animal(s) shot on the session. Venison charged for in addition at £2.75kg  Purchase Now

This training is done in a professional larder facility with tuition from one of our experienced team. Learn how a professional larder and chiller facility is specified and set up, meeting hygiene, food and health + safety requirements and how you can best transport, larder and butcher your own deer at home. Over the day you will butcher a whole carcase (either one you have shot or one from our chiller) into rolled and guard of honour joints, shanks, ribs, choice steaks, mince, dice, sausages and burgers. Includes use of our skinning rig, knives and safety equipment, vacuum packer, containers, labels, burger, mincing and sausage making equipment. Venison used charged at £2.75kg  Purchase Now 

Use of our 100 – 300 yard range with an experienced instructor for zeroing, tightening your groups and honing your skills on paper and reactive steel deer targets. We also carry an extensive tool kit and can help you set up a rifle/scope combination from scratch and or adjust your equipment as required.  Purchase Now

Hone your shooting technique, how to quickly and accurately zero a rifle, riflescope setup, shooting freehand and how to adjust for bullet drop and ‘hold over’ shooting up to 200 yards from a bench, prone and using stalkers sticks.  Purchase Now

Hone your shooting technique, accurate shot placement, shoot consistent tight groups, allow for wind, shoot head + neck shots, shoot freehand and shoot confidently at extended range (up to 300 yards) from a bench, prone and using stalkers sticks.  Purchase Now

Learn about all aspects of deer management, including Deer cull planning and management, record keeping, deer population census techniques, impact and habitat assessments and more. Day 1 includes participation in a live deer census.  Purchase Now

Learn about deer anatomy, ageing deer (in the field at distance and on the ground), characteristics, mannerism’s, vocalisations and how to identify/sex all six species of deer in the UK. This training is delivered using Zoom Video conferencing.  Purchase Now

Learn how to skin, boil and clean a deer head and take measurements yourself on 4 different species to find out how the heads will score for the BASC/CIC award system. From our collection of skulls, you’ll also analysis heads for defects/abnormalities and ageing by teeth inspection. This course is run by our own deer HUB qualified BASC head measurer. Includes lunch and refreshments.  Purchase Now

This training is done in the field following a successful stalk and dispatch of a deer. Learn how to suspend, skin and butcher a carcass into its primary parts hygienically and transport home.  Purchase Now

This course in conducted in the field. Learn how to map land for safe shooting, boundaries, hazards, assess, extraction points and assess the land for deer species present, signs of deer and their impact on the habitat. Includes land maps, deer impact and risk assessment sheets.  Purchase Now

Learn how to completely strip down a rifle, clean the barrel, lubricate and reassemble the rifle, scope mounts and riflescope. Includes safety checks on components, a session on the range to zero and gun storage.  Purchase Now

Learn how to position and erect high seats, health and safety considerations and how to shoot effectively from a seat. This course can be added before or after a stalk session and includes a shooting test.  Purchase Now


Gift Vouchers from The Deer HUB are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Vouchers purchased for a specific activity such as a deer stalking outing, may be exchanged for another activity offered by us at the same value. NB. We do not refund gift vouchers.

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