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The Deer HUB run events and training throughout the year and with a full calendar. It’s a great way for everyone to socialise and engage in our noble sport. You’ll find 3 different types of events as follows:

  • Deer Management Days – these run most months throughout the year near Oxford and Tunbridge Wells. Depending on experience, stalking is either accompanied, in high seats or unaccompanied foot stalking for the large numbers of resident Fallow, Roe and Muntjac.
  • Special Trips – these include day trips and overnight hunting excursions all over the UK and Europe and can include anything from stalking Reds in the highlands of Scotland to stalking Wild Boar on foot in France.
  • Training events/courses – events we run are certificated are go towards our ‘Competent Deer Stalker Award’.

2022 Deer HUB Events

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Here is the standard list of events we run every year:

The Hub offers members the chance to participate in professionally organized deer management sessions on over 7 thousand acres of land in Oxfordshire and East Sussex. Sessions may be morning or evening (or both) and usually run on alternate Fridays or Saturdays throughout the year. Hub members are assessed as novice, intermediate and advanced depending on their experience. Novices are always accompanied either on foot or in a high seat, intermediates are allocated high seats and our more advanced members are allocated an area to shoot on their own.

This is a fully certified Ofqual accredited training course which has been specially adapted for Deer Stalkers and is run by an experienced stalker. Includes certification, 2 training manuals, refreshments and lunch. This course covers the EFAW content as well as training for Crush Injuries, Hypothermia/Exposure, Lyme’s Disease, Catastrophic Bleeding using Tourniquets, Haemostatics and Compression Bandages (including Gun Shot Wounds) and Casualty Evacuation Planning.

Learn about deer anatomy, ageing deer (in the field at distance and on the ground), characteristics, mannerism’s, vocalisations and how to identify/sex all six species of deer in the UK.

Learn about all aspects of deer management, including deer cull planning and management, record keeping, deer population census techniques, impact and habitat assessments and more. Day 1 includes participation in a live deer census.

Learn how to stalk the highland/hill environment for Red deer, the UK’s largest native land mammal. Day 1 is training on survival methods, comms, extraction equipment and a session honing your skills spotting, stalking and selecting suitable cull animals. Day two/three is an all-day session stalking, selecting and dispatching cull animals and extracting deer off the hill. Day 2 and/or 3 can be conducted under DSC2 witness conditions.

Get in some practice gralloching a number of carcasses and really get to grips with checking for condition, diseases present (or not) and gralloching hygienically, efficiently and neatly under the watchful eye of our professional trainers. This training is usually carried out following a HUB deer management event

This course in conducted in the field. Learn how to map land for safe shooting, boundaries, hazards, assess, extraction points and assess the land for deer species present, signs of deer and their impact on the habitat. Includes land maps, deer impact and risk assessment sheets.

This training event is done in a professional larder facility. Learn how to skin and butchery a carcass into its primary parts hygienically and transport home.

Learn how to skin and butcher your own deer into primary parts, how to de-bone, prepare choice steaks, rolled joints, mince and burgers ready for cooking. Includes marinating and cooking recipes and tips in our fact sheets.

Learn how a professional larder and chiller facility is specified and set up, meeting hygiene, food and health and safety requirements. This course also deals with hygiene, deer storage and processing at home.

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