The Deer HUB offers a pioneering range of unique opportunities for those with an active interest in the art of deer stalking. With ‘best in class’ stalker development led by our team of experienced professional deer managers, the Deer HUB actively promotes sustainable UK deer management and ethical hunting with competent deer stalking enthusiasts both amateur and professional.

The Deer HUB is a welcoming, dynamic environment where deer stalkers of all abilities can socialise and share their experiences with other like-minded individuals, develop their skills at their own pace and access the knowledge required to become deer stalkers that are confident, knowledgeable and skilful.

Here’s who we are, what we do and how we do it:

Advisory Committee

At the Deer HUB we appreciate the importance of keeping our ‘eye on the ball’ and being proactive. Our Advisory Committee meet bi-annually and is made up of members of our core team along with other valued members, who very kindly as volunteers, offer their expert knowledge and expertise, contributing to the running and future of the Deer HUB.

Members of the Advisory Committee offer professional expertise in the areas of deer management, business and finance, marketing, stalker training, courses and event management.

The committee discusses, advises and takes actions on:

  • Deer HUB direction – development priorities and strategic planning initiatives
  • Membership, training and event costs
  • Setting the annual calendar of the Hub’s activities
  • Training and Event content, delivery and management
  • Marketing and communications

Core Team

Call: 0203 995 5881

Deer HUB Syndicates


James Mott | Founder

Heading up the management of the Deer HUB, James is a highly experienced stalker and as a full-time professional deer manager and firearms instructor, has trained and mentored hundreds of beginners on their journey to becoming accomplished deer stalkers.

Having been a course tutor at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation as well as a Country Life magazine writer for over 4 years, James’s skills as a writer and tutor bring a high degree of professionalism to the wide range of events and training courses that the HUB delivers. As well as presenting courses and training, James also contributes articles and content for the website and chairs the advisory committee of the Deer HUB.

Deer Qualifications: DSC1, DSC2, DMQ DSC2 Approved Witness (AW). Deer HUB Approved trainer. Deer stalking and hunting experience 19 years.

Justin has worked and hunted around the world, most notably in Southern Africa, where for a four year period he was engaged in the protection, management and relocation of small and big game species for numerous farm and big game conservation projects. He was also engaged in the management of a wide range of wild game in Zimbabwe and South Africa up to the year 2000.

Justin is a highly accomplished professional deer stalker with 18 years’ experience guiding and training UK deer stalkers of all abilities alongside actively managing wild deer populations for the Deer HUB’s portfolio of landowners.

His role as Stalk Director for the Deer HUB involves him co-ordinating the Deer HUB’s approved stalk guides and trainers, ensuring that our deer management plans are up to date and the standards agreed by the advisory committee are embraced and followed by the team. This in turn ensures that there is continuity across the board and that we maintain the high standard of service expected of us by clients and members.

Deer Qualifications: DSC1, DSC2, DMQ DSC2 Approved Witness (AW), DVC Humane Animal Dispatch and BASC Official Head Measurer. Deer HUB Approved trainer. Deerstalking and hunting experience 18 years.

Justin Carter | Stalk Director

With a strong tradition of hunting in the family genes, David started hunting and shooting from the young age of six, accompanying his grandfather in the open plains and bush that are found in Southern Africa.

Having had the privilege and experience to hunt and observe most of African plains game in his formative years, on his return to the UK in 2001, David’s attention soon turned to the study, conservation and management of UK deer and their habitat, which he has passionately dedicated his time to ever since.

His role as Training Director for the Deer HUB involves planning, writing, presenting and overseeing the portfolio of excellent training courses and events delivered by the Deer HUB. David is also responsible for the ongoing assessment of our stalking clients and presenting our Competent Deer Stalker Awards to people when they have successfully completed a level.

Deer Qualifications: DSC1, DSC2, DMQ DSC2 Approved Witness (AW). Emergency 1st Aid (acute trauma). Deer HUB Approved trainer. Deer stalking and hunting experience 45 years.

David Sadler | Training Director