Project Description

The Deer HUB offers deer stalkers the chance to participate in professionally organized deer management sessions on over 7 thousand acres of land near Oxford, Haywards Heath and Tunbridge Wells in East Sussex.

The Oxford venue has large resident populations of Fallow, Roe and Muntjac. The Tunbridge Wells and Haywards Heath estates have both Fallow and Roe. All estates we shoot are kitted out with strategically placed comfortable high seats.

We host a minimum of 12 sessions each year and the deer species targeted are Roe, Fallow and Muntjac. Sessions may be morning or evening (or both) and usually run on a Friday or Saturday each month throughout the year. Upcoming Deer Management days can be found on our EVENTS page.

Deer stalkers are assessed as novice, intermediate and advanced depending on their experience;

  • Novices are always accompanied either on foot or in a high seat
  • Intermediates (who have an FAC, have a good grasp of deer identification, safety, able to locate shot animals and perform a gralloch) are allocated high seats
  • Advanced members are allocated an estate to shoot on their own

For safety reasons, people attending are expected to carry a first aid kit which is provided on the day.

Our HUB Deer Management Days are similar in structure to a pheasant shoot, it’s just that the bag at the end of session is deer not winged birds. These days are a great way to shoot, gain experience and socialise with a group of like-minded deer stalkers.

Numbers attending these events vary from 3 – 9 people depending on the number of guides available on the day and the land targeted for the session(s). Depending on the deer stalkers experience and the time of year, our deer stalkers average 1-3 deer per session.

Single session Deer Management shoots cost £175 and all day/2 session shoots cost just £295. Alternatively, Deer HUB members can attend up to 12 days per year which is added to their membership package at the discounted rate of £1350. All Deer Management Shoot Days are posted on our EVENTS page.

To find out more about our HUB Deer Management Days, email us or call 0203 995 5881/0789 4146643

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